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Every transportation company needs the best freight management software and digital logistics solutions. These are the most effective tools to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Freight brokerage companies represent hundreds of multinational companies that ship billions of dollars’ worth of goods every year. Their customers also include retailers like Wal-Mart and Tesco. They rely on these companies to get their products into the hands of millions of people worldwide.

What are the terms? Let us understand 

Freight management software 

It is one of the most important tools for freight forwarders and has become an indispensable part of the business. It helps to manage all activities related to shipping, freight transportation, waybills, and invoicing of shipments. 

Freight offer management 

Freight quote management is another important feature that allows a company to manage its shipments efficiently. It allows them to obtain quotes from various carriers for their shipments in one place. Users can also view the history of their quotes, which helps them make informed decisions about their arrangements.  

Multi-carrier Rate Shopping 

This feature allows you to compare rates from different carriers in real-time. So, you can make informed decisions about your shipments without wasting time and money on unnecessary calls or emails. It also helps them save time and effort when booking their shipments.

Spot Quote Management 

The SQM allows users to obtain carrier quotes in seconds when booking their shipments.

Contracts & Surcharges 

Freight management software is a must-have in today’s business world. It helps companies keep track of their shipments, from when they ship to when they are delivered. This software also helps identify discrepancies in the process so you can take corrective action quickly and easily. 

Contract management features let you create and manage contracts with shippers, carriers, and other partners involved in your supply chain. You can also create multiple contracts for different types of shipments and shipment types. 

Document management system 

Freight management software can help you streamline your document management process by automatically uploading documents into the system. It ensures that all your documents are stored securely in one place, making it easier to access them. You can also use this feature to automate the creation of new documents using templates provided by your provider. It saves you time and effort, so you can focus more on customer service than on creating new documents.

Broadcast reports & analyses  

The Shipment Reports & Analytics module is a powerful tool for managing all your shipments. It helps you track, manage and analyze your shipments in an easy-to-use dashboard. 

Customer Portal Tools 

The Customer Portal Tools module provides tools to help you manage your customers, orders, invoices, and payments. These include the main features listed below. 

Personalized service with flexible implementation options 

All freight management software solutions are flexible enough to meet the specific needs of your business. They can also made with different requirements for the individuals or the companies. Customizing them as per the company requirements make it more beneficial for them in terms of useability.

The advantages of using freight management software 

  •  The first benefit is the ability to automate and manage your entire shipping process. It reduces time-consuming manual processes, reduces errors, and improves your efficiency. 
  • You can access all your information from a single place without switching between different platforms or applications. You can also collaborate with other carriers in the supply chain to schedule your shipments easily.
  • You can track your shipments in real-time, so you can see where they’re going and when they should arrive. You also have access to real-time reporting tools that let you analyze data about your shipments, like destination, weight, etc. It allows you to make informed decisions about future shipments and maximize efficiency. 

Ultimately, you should know which software solutions can help you do this and make the right decision for your shipper. Freight management involves a lot of tedious tasks, which is why you need a solution that automates the work. So, you need a powerful platform that allows you to book shipments, track them, and receive notifications of your order. It is essential in logistics by providing visibility to shippers and carriers. It makes your work effortless which helps in saving your time to focus on other important things.

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